Pinocchio & Giorgio Tesi Gorup for a green future

Pinocchio and the plants of Pistoia, together, for a greener future. Two symbols of Pistoia known around the world have come together to strengthen their international image with the launch of an ecological message. This is the meaning of the partnership between the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi and the Giorgio Tesi Group. Collodi’s puppet – previously used in the campaign on environmental education, sustainability, and a family’s everyday ethical choices, PINOCCHIO RIPENSA IL MONDO (Pinocchio Rethinks the World) – shares "The future is green" philosophy of Pistoia’s Giorgio Tesi Group, a company leader in environmental and quality certifications, unique at a European level for its EMAS certification, of great importance as it attests to the company’s expertise in terms of quality and respect for the environment. Plants produce oxygen and a greener planet is healthier and more beautiful. The readers of Pinocchio’s adventures now live in a world that must learn to establish a new relationship with the environment, and the first to witness this change in attitude may just be the young people who read his extraordinary story. The Fondazione Collodi and the nursery Giorgio Tesi Group, with the slogan "The future is green" want to introduce children and their families to a fascinating, universal message for the reduction of CO2 emissions by promoting green choices. The stimulus to raise consciousnesses will unwind in the home: children’s voices, especially in the form of genuinely honest appeal, can positively influence adults’ habits.

The Fondazione Collodi and the Giorgio Tesi Group will also work together on the maintenance of the Garzoni Garden and make Pistoia’s plants known worldwide. In fact, the Giorgio Tesi Group’s nurseries and the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi’s have teamed up to become "green partners" in the maintenance, consultation, and supplying of the plants needed in Pinocchio Park, the historic Garzoni Garden, and the Butterfly House.

With this agreement, moreover, Pinocchio will be the spokesperson for a worldwide campaign to raise awareness of the beauty and importance of Pistoia’s plants with products from the Giorgio Tesi Group. The nursery in Pistoia will launch a new line of business worldwide, "Pinocchio for a green future", with direct sales to customers, gardens, and companies of plants with the symbol of Collodi’s puppet. The Pinocchio-Giorgio Tesi Group partnership thus can count on the added value of a universal ambassador and the appeal this character has for children and families.

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