Growing healthy plants in a healthy environment. The Giorgio Tesi Group continues its commitment to eco-efficiency and sustainability, obtaining the most prestigious International environmental certifications for the fourth consecutive year: ISO 14001 (certificate no. 13282), together with the registration required by EEC Regulation 1836/93 (EMAS – Eco Management & Audit Scheme) no. IT-001442 and MPS Class A registration (no. 802529). The standards of the nursery company have been confirmed as meeting the requirements of the most prestigious and accredited international certification bodies, indicating the conformity of its production, environmental management and consumption monitoring systems. First and foremost, EMAS certification: the Giorgio Tesi Group is the only Italian nursery company to have achieved this recognition at European level, renewed by ISPRA earlier this year following the audits conducted by ARPAT. Certiquality also renewed the Giorgio Tesi Group’s ISO 14001:08 certification in 2015, both for its main branch in Pistoia and its production nurseries in the province of Pistoia.
In addition to environmental certifications, in 2000 the Giorgio Tesi Group obtained certification of its company management and production systems (Pistoia headquarters, together with the nurseries in the province and the Piadena branch) in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 international standard (certificate no. 22329).

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Il Globo riprende vita con Pinocchio e le piante in arte topiaria.

La Giorgio Tesi Group porta Pinocchio e il verde sul Globo. Un allestimento realizzato in collaborazione con l’iniziativa Fiabescamente organizzata in queste settimane...
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Colours Explosion in Pistoia

The marvellous colours of the trees in autumn - Photos Nicolò Begliomini

As soon as autumn arrives trees display, in all their magnificence, an extraordinary...
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Centinaia di pini in regalo per la pineta di Marina

Li dona la Giorgio Tesi Group di Pistoia. Sindaco Bonifazi: “Ennesima dimostrazione di vicinanza al nostro territorio”. Assessore Monaci: “Pronti per...
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The Giorgio Tesi Group in Class A for respect for the environment.

A new important recognition of the “green” business for the Giorgio Tesi Group of Pistoia: in recent days the company obtained the MPS Class A certification by ECAS...
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Giorgio Tesi Group is expecting you at the renovated IPM ESSEN 2018

In 2018, visitors to the 36th IPM Essen, the main international horticultural fair, scheduled for 23-26 January, will be able to appreciate some of the areas in the new Messe Essen that were affected by last year’s renovation...
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