AC Milan and Giorgio Tesi Group: The only company leaders


Giorgio Tesi Group and AC Milan have made official an agreement on the providing of greenery of the prestigious sports centre, Milanello, and for all of the other initiatives that the Red and Black society believes will be necessary for a “touch” of nature.

The Red and Black sports centre spreads throughout 160,000 square metres and is recognized by everyone in the sector as the flagship of the international sports centres for its perfect mix of avant-garde, tradition and professionalism.

All of this makes this agreement all the more prestigious, in that it can provide greenery in one of the well- known places of world soccer and reinforce the company’s position as leader in the plant nursery sector.

“This relationship is the achievement of an objective that has been longed hoped for and unites the pride of the hard work to the passion that links me to the Red and Black colours since birth!” says Fabrizio Tesi (owner of the group and signer of the agreement).

The signing of the agreement was carried out in the Milan headquarters, on Via Turati 3, inside the prestigious hall of Trophies, inside which it is possible to admire all of the national and international trophies that make Milan the club with the most titles in the world. The emotion that can be sensed in the air inside this space makes one understand the importance of the club.

Welcoming Fabrizio Tesi was the president and vicar vice president and administrator delegated by the Red and Black, Adriano Galliani.  

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