CSKA guest of Giorgio Tesi Group


On Tuesday, the 11th of September 2012, the CSKA team from Moscow visited Giorgio Tesi Group, one of the leading nursery in Europe and also main sponsor of the Pistoia basketball team. The Russians and their well known coach Ettore Messina met the staff from Tesi just a few hours before the friendly match  at the “Mario Carrara” indoor stadium in Pistoia where they had a win over the GTG team.  Fabrizio Tesi, managing director of the nursery said it was a real pleasure to welcome such a successful team: they won the Euro league, the biggest European basketball competition,  for 6 times and reached the finals twice. Giorgio Tesi Group is a sport friend and it’s always a reason of pride to be involved in international sport events. CSKA managers, staff and basketball players got a gift bag with traditional food from Pistoia and a copy of  the Naturart magazine, the quarterly Giorgio Tesi publication about Nature, Tourism and Art in Pistoia and its surroundings.

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