Tesi's Family

The nursery company was founded by Giorgio in the 1970s; today it is managed by the second generation.

40 years company


Giorgio and Tullio decided, despite the opposition by the family still linked to the agricultural tradition of the land, to change the type of production: from the cereal and forage cultivations, to fruit and ornamental plants nurseries.


Giorgio founded the company on the small family property (4 hectares). The company begins its expansion becoming more and more important in the nursery sector of Pistoia.


The property becomes of 60 hectares, all cultivated with nursery plants. The company expands and new structures and potting systems are built.


Giorgio suddenly passes away. Fabrizio, Tiziano, Romeo, and Claudio take on the management of the company.


The business expands more and more with the acquisition of a company in Piadena and Canneto sull’Oglio in the provinces of Cremona and Mantua. 


Giorgio Tesi Group trademark is registered, a necessary step to give organicity to a large and articulated company.


The company grows thanks to the acquisition of new nurseries in Orbetello and San Benedetto del Tronto, specialised in the production of Mediterranean plants.


Ten years after Giorgio’s death, the family decides to create the Fondazione Giorgio Tesi Onlus (Giorgio Tesi No Profit Foundation).


40 years after its foundation the company is recognised in the nursery sector at European level.


The production stretches over 500 hectares of land surface (360 of which for full field cultivations, 125 in pot, and  16 covered by greenhouses and shade structures); the company has more than 200 permanent dependent s in the production and commercial sectors, distributed in 18 production nurseries located in Pistoia and in the other 4 branches. 


In 2023 the company reaches the important milestone of 50 years in business.

"The affection and the teachings are still current, the values ​​transmitted to us are still at the base of our life".

Fabrizio, Tiziano, Romeo and Claudio Tesi