We permanently collaborate with the Istituto per la Protezione delle Piante (Institute for the Protection of Plants) of the CNR for the protection of the elm. We obtained the patent licensing contract from the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) for the diffusion, cultivation, and sales of the Community plant variety Ulmus "MORFEO", no. 2011/0223.


The ULMUS MORFEO Apart from a high resistance level to Dutch elm disease, a fungal disease that has devastated the European elms, it presents a good growth performance that in the best conditions registered, amounts to about 164 cm of average annual growth and 2.50 cm of average annual diameter growth. The colour of the leaves and bark are not different from those of the indigenous elms, absence of fragile branches, does not produce honeydew, does not release particular odours, the bedding is easily degradable, it tolerates heavy pruning, it adapts to a wide range of soils, it tolerates soil with water stagnation, and does not have heavy or foul-smelling fruits.

This cultivar adapts very well to a wide range of environments, it can be used safely in new green establishments of cities and countryside.