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Giorgio Tesi Group is proud to have contributed to the production and publication of two essential monographs by the French architect André Gayraud: a worldwide first on the subject of Viburnum and one dedicated to Cornus, with immense international scientific importance and interest.


A worldwide first.

The only monograph on Viburnum containing information not found in any other botany book.

Filled with photos, this 208-page book describes the singular characteristics and fascinating technical details of 342 taxa of viburnum. It is available in 4 languages: Italian, French, English, and German.

In addition, this book is the only one that identifies ALL VIBURNUM SPECIES in both international classifications: the traditional Linnean and modern phylogenetics.

Author: André Gayraud
Editor: Giorgio Tesi Editrice srl
ISBN: 9788898888252
Features: 2022, 208 pages, 21×29,7
Language: texts in Italian
Translations: French, English, German
Price: € 40,00


André Gayraud's new monograph is dedicated to the Viburnum genus, which he has defined as truly special because it is the only one that allows having a species or variety that remains in bloom in the garden for all 12 months of the year, even in winter under the snow. In addition, both the evergreen and deciduous shrubs come in dazzling fall colors, with a wide range of colorful fruits, ranging from green, blue, pink, and red to purple and black. They help beautify a garden from late summer to late winter, offering spectacular flowering with flat, ball-, or panicle-shaped flowers.



For fifty years, André Gayraud has traveled this world in search of the most beautiful varieties of Cornus. He "fell in love" with this plant when, as a young man, he was taking his first steps in garden design during one of his trips to Italy. Since then, he has never failed to include a specimen in his gardens. The monograph contains descriptions of the 620 varieties of Cornus with details on the species, varieties, hybrids, and cultivars found throughout the world. this work  of international scientific interest contains papers by the leading Cornus experts: Dr. Elwin Orton and Prof. Molnar of Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA, and Professor Klymenko of the Academy of Sciences in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Author: André Gayraud
Editor: Giorgio Tesi Editrice srl
ISBN: 978-88-6315-646-1
Features: 2013, 223 pages, 21×29,7
Language: texts in Italian
Translations: French, English, German, Spanish or Portuguese
Price: promo € 25,00 


This species is characterised by an exceptional vigour, variegation of the leaves, which are larger than the species type Cornus alternifolia 'Argentea', some with pink edges, some white ones, others completely green, and multiaxial.

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