A gesture of friendship between China and Tuscany

Thanks to the collaboration with the nursery gardening company Giorgio Tesi Group, the Chinese Association of small and medium enterprises in Italy donated 90,00 surgical masks to the municipalities of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

Pistoia 1 April 2020 – In such a difficult moment for our country, signs of great sensitivity continue to arrive from China for Italy,  which has been dealing for over 40 days with COVID-19, the terrible virus that has caused thousands of deaths, brought our hospitals to the verge of collapse, and has forced millions of people to stay home to try to fight this terrible invisible enemy. Thanks to Xu Jinhua, Head Representative of the Investments and Development Committee of the Chinese Association of small and medium enterprises in Italy, this afternoon 90,000 surgical masks destined to be distributed equally to the mayors of Florence, Prato, and Pistoia, were delivered to Fabrizio Tesi – Legal Representative of Giorgio Tesi Group – by its representative King Li.

A representative of the Chinese Association of small and medium enterprises (WSEA) was guest of the nursery gardening company of Pistoia when the Coronavirus epidemic started in the Chinese province of Hubei and on that occasion made himself available – in case of necessity – to offer their help if the outbreak of the contagion occurred in our country.

With the worsening of the pandemic the contacts continued and WSEA, as promised kept its word and sent to Pistoia 90,000 surgical masks, indispensable  for our doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers that with great commitment have been working tirelessly for almost two months trying to save the lives of many sick people and defeat this terrible virus.

We believe that to face this terrible virus - said Lin Zhuoyan, President of the Chinese Association of small and medium enterprises – everyone in the world should be able to adopt the most basic protection measures. We are all living in the same global village and today whatever happens is strictly linked to each one of us. This sudden epidemic has caused enormous damage and suffering to the Chinese and Italian populations, and we hope that this first small contribution can help you. I pray God to bless us all and allow us, as soon as possible, to overcome these difficulties together.

I want to greatly thank you – said Fabrizio Tesi, Legal Representative of Giorgio Tesi Group – personally and on behalf of our company, our Chinese friends have once again proved to have great sensitivity for our country. The donation of these 90,000 masks, in this moment fundamental instruments to fight Coronavirus, was really a great sign of friendship towards us and our territory.

A beautiful and disinterested gesture- pointed out Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence – that makes us understand once again how the fight against this pandemic must be fought together. China was the first country hit by the disease and now that it is slowly recovering it is expressing its solidarity to other countries worldwide. It is a message of friendship and humanity that we will not forget.

Heartfelt thanks - said Matteo Biffoni, Mayor of Prato – our municipality is really grateful for this donation by our Chinese friends in collaboration with Giorgio Tesi Group. In this time of emergency, we continuously receive requests for these indispensable protection devices and therefore, today, no gift is more appreciated than this one.

A gesture of solidarity that we will not forget and for which we are immensely thankful - concluded Alessandro Tomasi, Mayor of Pistoia – and for this I sincerely thank both our Chinese friends and Giorgio Tesi Group, which coordinated the operation, thus making it possible to receive this donation.