FABRIZIO TESI, the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia

Fabrizio Tesi Presidente Coldiretti Pistoia

″United, we have come out of a difficult phase″. Fabrizio Tesi is the new president of Coldiretti Pistoia.

The 52-year-old Tesi is the legal representative of the Giorgio Tesi Group, European leader in ornamental nurseries. Tesi’s election took place against a background of renewal of about 80% of the assembly members of the main provincial agricultural association.

″I would like to thank all those who chose me and voted for the provincial presidency of such a prestigious and important association. I have always been part of the Coldiretti family,″ Fabrizio Tesi stated. ″Taking over the role of provincial president fills me with pride, and I am conscious of the sensitivity of the commitments that await me.″

Fabrizio Tesi succeeds Michela Nieri who was applauded during the assembly and thanked by the new president as well as Simone Ciampoli, Coldiretti Pistoia’s director.

″I would like to thank President Michela Nieri who preceded me, for her indispensable contribution at such a unique time, for all agriculture in our province,″ Tesi continued. ″Despite the many commitments I have in the family business, I have accepted this responsibility with dignity and a spirit of sacrifice to be personally committed and to make my modest contribution to the entire agricultural sector, which is so important for our economy ″.

″Many important commitments await us,″ the director of Coldiretti Pistoia said. ″Coldiretti has a vision of the future based on the facts that guide us. Together with the president, we will complete those paths already undertaken, and explore new roads to give the appropriate support to Pistoia’s agricultural entrepreneurs, in the name of transparency in the agricultural supply chains.″

Simone Ciampoli
To begin with, the Campagna Amica network and its alliance with consumers – who are increasingly keen on our products and prefer knowing what they are eating and where it comes from, has expanded to fight against such commercial agreements as CETA that ″undermine″ ″Made in Italy″ food products. However, there are many subjects to be discussed; not least that of the surfeit of ungulates that sometimes irremediably penalize agricultural activity.

Ciampoli added, ″Then there will be the great challenge of envisioning and putting into practice new trajectories to give a rewarding future to Pistoia’s main agricultural sector, nursery gardening, where our president is one of the main players.″

Pistoia’s nursery gardening is in a crucial phase. The sector represents more than 30% of the gross salable agricultural production in the Tuscany region, the overwhelming part of which is produced in the province of Pistoia. After years of stagnation, the sector has seen exports grow in the last year. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that deep structural innovations are needed in the sector, to maintain European supremacy as well.

″I hope to have everyone’s cooperation, also in the clear independence that our association deserves,″ Tesi stated. ″My presidency must be seen as and considered to be a unifying choice that helps to overcome the conflicts and discussions that have existed, the dualisms, and the disputes between large and small operators that lead to nothing. The only way to get out of this delicate period,″ the Coldiretti Pistoia president concluded, ″is to remain united and cohesive in everyone’s interest and with the utmost mutual respect.″

Born in 1965, Fabrizio Tesi has led Giorgio Tesi Group for 25 years. His career has been marked by the international and institutional relations of the family’s business. A European leader in the horticultural sector, its nursery production covers over 400 hectares (of which 16 are covered with green- and shadehouses and over 80 for container crops). The company has more than 200 permanent employees distributed in the production and commercial sectors and located in various production plants in Pistoia and in the provinces of Grosseto, Cremona, and Ascoli Piceno.

Since October 2017, he has been an adviser of Filiera Italia, the new association promoted by Coldiretti.

A Catholic, he has always been engaged in welfare initiatives, promoting efforts to support the neediest in his area. He has supported Pistoia’s sports projects for children and young people with the aim of enhancing those organizations that stand out by encouraging sporting values.

Source: Coldiretti Pistoia Press Office