This Pistoia-based company, European leader in ornamental plant production, is among the founders of Filiera Italia, the new association that brings together the Italian agriculture and food industry, to support and defend ″Made in Italy″ products.

Promoted by Coldiretti, Ferrero, Inalca/Cremonini and the Consorzio Casalasco (Pomì and De Rica), the founding partners of Filiera Italia include Giorgio Tesi Group together with such other important, large Italian companies as Bonifiche Ferraresi, Ocrim, Farchioni Olii, Cirio agricola, Donnafugata, Maccarese, Ol.MaTerre Moretti (Bellavista) and Amenduni SpA., which have formed an association united by the common values of local and national identity, transparency, and sustainability.

Heading Filiera Italia are Luigi Cremonini and Enzo Gesmundo, the association’s president and vice-president, respectively. It is a new form of representation in which Coldiretti, is increasingly a business syndicate of Filiera, along with industry and national leaders in their respective sectors.

″I’m very proud to be part of Filiera Italia,″ says Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of Giorgio Tesi. ″I believe that linking and sharing common values with other important national organizations is the key to enhancing ″Made in Italy″ products. Our plants, which we export to over 60 countries, express the typical quality and beauty of Pistoia and Tuscany. So, for that reason, they are recognized all over the world.″

Marco Cappellini, Giorgio Tesi DG and ANVE president, was present in Rome at the signing of the agreement. He stated, ″the goal is to create an association for a series of common values, from ″Made in Italy″ products to transparency, sustainability, food consumption, and promoting environmental culture. For us, being part of Filiera Italia is a great honor.″ ″We are very satisfied that one of our associated companies is part of this project,″ Coldiretti Pistoia states. ″The Filiera Italia association is united around the common values of local and national identity, transparency, and sustainability by encouraging the informed consumption of healthy foods and enhancing the green culture.″