Thousands of people came to admire the large flowering head of “The Garden of the Mind” Fabrizio Tesi, “An invitation to look at green from a different perspective”

Great participation in the 7th edition of “Un altro parco in città” (A new park in the city), which transformed the historical centre into a meadow to be enjoyed by families. Michele Fabbricatore’s works will be exhibited in the nursery gardening sector fairs

Thousands of people came to admire yesterday, Sunday 16 September, the large flowering head of “The Garden of the Mind”, imposing work realised by the artist Michele Fabbricatore on behalf of Giorgio Tesi Group, on occasion of “Un altro parco in città” (A new park in the city), initiative at its 7th edition that for one day transforms the centre of Pistoia into a vast green meadow to be enjoyed by families. 

“The Garden of the Mind – declared Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of Giorgio Tesi Group – invites people to look at green from a different perspective. The large sculpture will become the ambassador of our company: it will be present in Padua at the Flormart, the international nursery gardening fair that will be held from 19 to 21 September, and in Rome from 5 to 7 October for Coldiretti national event at the Circo Massimo where more than 2 million visitors” are expected.

The “flowering head” protagonist yesterday in Piazza della Sala is part of a larger group of sculptures, installed in the nurseries of Giorgio Tesi group, well visible from the Firenze-Mare motorway and from other very important roads.  An imposing presence to reflect on the relationship between man and nature and the importance of cultivating our “inner garden”, also through greater respect for the surrounding environment. “The Garden of the Mind” is part of the eARTh “Growing Creativity” project for the valorisation of the territory and the link between Pistoia and the nursery gardening sector through the collaboration with artists coming from all over the world. 

Started in 2017, the same year during which Pistoia was the Capital of Culture, and with the participation of 40 artists, today the eARTh project continues with “The Garden of the Mind”, ready to be “exported” out of the city boundaries. 

Yesterday was also the occasion to present the 30th issue of Naturart, quarterly magazine edited by Giorgio Tesi Editrice, which evidences the close relationship between the green and the city that our group has been supporting for years now. During the event more than 1.000 copies of the magazine have been distributed and dozens of children participated in the “Naturart Kids” workshop organised in collaboration with the Cooperativa Pantagruel.