At Flormart Giorgio Tesi Group launches the eARTh project- Growing Creativity with "Il Giardino della Mente" (The Garden of Mind)

On occasion of the 69th edition of the “Salone Internazionale del florovivaismo” (International Nursery Gardening Exhibition) the initiative the "Giardino della mente" will be presented to develop new environmental awareness


Giorgio Tesi Group, nursery gardening company leader in Europe in the production of ornamental plants, has always been tightly connected to the territory of Pistoia, a unique and fertile place surrounded by mountains and hills that contribute creating a microclimate perfect for the growth of many varieties of plants, and ideal for the development of the nursery gardening sector.

If to this base, land, we add an organ, a vibrating heart made of art and creativity, we obtain an innovative and unique “recipe”. GIORGIO TESI eARTh project - Growing Creativity is the result of the combination of these three elements (land, art, and creativity), the first residence of an artist inside a plant nursery, a home to art and creativity in contact with nature.

The project is a real art incubator that will host, for some periods of the year, internationally renowned artists who, in the green of the plant nurseries of our headquarters of Pistoia, will realise exclusive works and organise art workshops dedicated to children and teenagers, thus creating a direct link both with the territory and the people.

The first appointment in 2017, the same year during which Pistoia was the Italian Capital of Culture, has seen the participation of 40 artists, photographers, poets, film directors, and illustrators coming from all over the world, who were hosted in the apartments of the company. In two months the artists narrated about Pistoia through their art and shared their experience with about half million followers online.

The project has been continued by "Il Giardino della Mente", the installation created by the artist Michele Fabbricatore, a place where nature combines with art. Sculpture emphasises the beauty of green, and architecture and design enrich the landscape. The artist Michele Fabbricatore, who was also the author of the illustrations in the book "Cosimo degli Alberi" recently published by Giorgio Tesi Editrice, imagined our mind, the most precious part since it expresses our values, like a garden that has to be nourished and cultivated. 

Thus, the green of the plant nurseries becomes a stage for exclusive works of art that will be worldwide ambassadors of a new environmental awareness. In fact, the valorisation of green and sensitising people towards a renewed environmental awareness represent the common thread of the cultural initiatives of the group.

The first three totems have been positioned around Giorgio Tesi Group headquarters in Pistoia, well visible from the Firenze-Mare motorway and from other very important roads. An imposing presence to reflect on the relationship between man and nature and the importance of cultivating our “inner garden”, also through greater respect for surrounding environment.

"With this project - Fabrizio Tesi, legal representative of Giorgio Tesi Group, specifies – we are continuing the long tradition of our company that has always invested in projects aimed at the citizens and the same institutions for a larger use of green in our cities, a choice that would improve our quality of life"