Giacomo Galanda, Giorgio Tesi Group's new special Projects Manager

Giacomo Galanda, Cappellini, Fabrizio Tesi

The former basketball player will be responsible for promoting the image and developing strategies related to the many projects that the company carries out in several areas

Giorgio Tesi Group, an international leader in the nursery sector with exports to 60 countries worldwide, is pleased to announce the addition to its staff of the great Italian sport champion, Giacomo Galanda as special projects manager.

He has been in Pistoia since 2011, first as a player (one of the players in the memorable promotion to Series A of Pistoia Basket whose uniforms sport the name of team sponsor Giorgio Tesi Group). He then moved to a managerial role for the team and its youth section as general manager and spokesman.

"Gek" Galanda will be responsible for promoting and implementing numerous social, sporting, and cultural projects and initiatives supported by the Giorgio Tesi Group in recent years, but will also be more closely linked to corporate strategies. Working alongside a team that has grown over the years to become today a crown jewel of national and international nursery gardening,

"I arrived in Pistoia to play basketball during the final years of my long basketball career,” Galanda said. “However, I began to fall immediately in love with this fascinating area of Tuscany. I understood straight away that the sponsor at that time, the Giorgio Tesi Group, played a fundamental role in supporting the team and society, and not just from an economic point of view.”

“The excellent personal relationship established with the Tesi family over these past six years has made me even more honored to have accepted this position. As usual, I thought about it and, having chosen Pistoia as my current base, I considered the offer a great opportunity to also grow professionally beyond a purely sport environment to which I am nevertheless indeed greatly attached. I’ll work at promoting the image and developing the strategies related to the many projects carried out by the company. Obviously, I won’t forget the young and dynamic attitude that the Giorgio Tesi Group has in supporting local sport at the highest level.”

“Even today, the Giorgio Tesi Junior project is committed not only to the Pistoia Basket Academy’s young talents so that they can improve and represent the future of Pistoia and of national basketball. It’s also committed to football with Margine Coperta and volleyball with Blue Volley. Enthusiasm, commitment, willingness, friendliness, and reliability are just some of the values that the company has held over time. Nonetheless, they do not fully describe the atmosphere when you deal with its owners or employees."